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Michiel 03-05-2008
First test comment :)

ted hildebrandt 10-05-2008
Michiel, Great Siliverlight Panorama viewer. I've used QT to do some panorama viewing in the past and wonder if the following can be added to make it on the same level as QT: 1) zoom in/out based on cntrl and shift key depression, 2) put link areas in the panorama to link to another pano, and 3) being able to set and read where the pano is as it spins so you can read out N/S/E/West types of info. Thanks for your good work on this and for making the code available. All the best, Ted Hildebrandt Gordon College

Gabon 25-06-2008
Nice Site! http://google.com

Michiel 13-09-2008
Added a NoBot script for less comment spam.

Michiel 03-03-2009
Replaced NoBot script with Captcha control

raj 14-07-2009
can u provide the source code of mpost.SilverlightFramework.dll. i need ...

Bala 10-06-2010
Michiel, Thanks for that wonderful multifile upload control with drag and drop features. The drag and drop feature does not work in MAC? Is there a work around for this? Thanks, Bala

lhen 25-02-2011
do you have code for downloading file from Azure Storage using c#?

N.Huda 17-05-2011
There's no simple deployment package available anywhere that makes it harder to use it. After lot of guessing etc., I failed to make it work.

René 05-08-2011
Michiel, site ziet er strak uit. René

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