Silverlight Fullscreen


Getting your Silverlight application to show full screen is easy. Just set the following property:

Application.Current.Host.Content.IsFullScreen = true;

This property can only be set after a user-action, like a mouse click or button click. Setting the IsFullScreen property in the OnLoad of your Silverlight application won't work. Silverlight will ignore this.


Primoz Skrjanc 30-09-2008
I am developing silverlight app, for displaying flight information on public screens. Is there any workaround to start applicaton in full screen (without user interaction). thanks Primoz

Michiel 02-10-2008
Not that I know of. But something you can do is run the browser in full screen mode (Shift+F11 for IE) on your public screens. Then make your Silverlight application 100% of the height and width of your browser window and you have the same effect. Good luck!

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