Silverlight Multi File Uploader


I created the Silverlight Multi File Uploader. It allows you to upload multiple files at the same time. The files are uploaded to a WCF webservice where they can be processed.

A nice feature is that you can see the upload progress of all your files. The control also has some handy configuration options, you can set the number of simultaneous uploads, the maximum file size etc.

The WCF webservice is included and easily extendible. There's 1 method you can override, it's the FinishedFileUpload() method. Inside the method the name of the file and the input parameters are available. By overriding that method, you can process your file, for example move it, link it to a database item, etc etc.

You can see the control in action here.


EtienneT 23-09-2008
Are you going to release the code for the Silverlight control and the upload library?

Chris Pietschmann 23-09-2008
Where's the FULL Source for the control? It seems you left out the Silverlight source from the download.

Michiel 23-09-2008
Full source code is not available right now. Only the compiled code in a sample project you can use. At this moment you can't change the control, but you can use it on your website.

Steve 24-09-2008
When do you think you may be releasing the full source code?

Mathi 25-09-2008
What is the maximum file size supported for upload? Is Pause/Resume possible while uploading a huge file?

Michiel 25-09-2008
@Mathi, any file size is supported for upload. I tested it with files 200+ MB, and that worked fine. You can test it on your local pc and let me know if you find any problems. Pause/Resume is not possible right now, but can be build. Could be a nice feature, I'll think about it and maybe include it in a new release.

Fallon Massey 26-09-2008
You just ignored Steve. I hope you don't think you can make any money off of this, but you can try(lol).

Fallon Massey 26-09-2008
FYI, I just ran the assemblies through reflector. It's written in VB.Net, and the full source comes through.

Michiel 26-09-2008
It's written in C#, not VB.Net. I don't know yet if and when I will release the full source code.

danni 26-09-2008
Cool ! but is it possible to skinning the xap ? so the color match my website.

Michiel 26-09-2008
@danni, Not yet, this will be supported in the next version.

Bydia 27-09-2008
Hope you can update to RC0 cause it does not work anymore

j 29-09-2008

Michiel 30-09-2008
The project will become open source when Silverlight 2 is released.

Voytek 01-10-2008
This is exactly how the multiple file uploader supposed to work. I'll gladly donate $100 when you release production quality code.

Laurent 01-10-2008
Actually, the FULL source code is available already and is even on your PC already. Silverlight is .NET and .NET can be run through Reflector :)

Voytek 01-10-2008
"Laurent Actually, the FULL source code is available already and is even on your PC already. Silverlight is .NET and .NET can be run through Reflector :)" I am well aware of it but I think people who provide us with quality products should be compensated. Too many times I came across free tutorials that supposed to teach us how to do things in Silverlight but ended up showing only a tip of the iceberg. From my point of view PRODUCTION QUALITY code with error handlers is the type of tutorial I personally looking for and willing to pay for it. I don’t see anything wrong with it as long as code is free and donations are optional. By the way, there is another interesting sample of multiple file uploader at http://www.thejoyofcode.com/Updated_Silverlight_Uploader_for_SL2_Beta_2.aspx it is less polished than the Michiel’s one but does the job.

Kevin 02-10-2008
Is it also possible to have drag & drop functionality in this fileupload? That would be really fantastic. I'm searching the net, but I always run into security issues.

Michiel 03-10-2008
@Kevin | I also looked into drag and drop functionality to add files, but it really isn't possible. Security issues :)

TheDogParticle 14-10-2008
this is awesome! thank Michiel!

Andrew 22-10-2008
Excellent control! Thank you. One newbie question: is there a way to notify the page when an upload is complete? Have it call a javascript function or something?

Michiel 22-10-2008
@Andrew | There aren't any javascript events yet. I'm planning to include that in the next version. So keep a watch on the codeplex project for upcomming check-ins.

ari 04-11-2008
i very like the control.Thank you! i have one problem... on my localhost test everything work great but on the server i got "Upload Failed." i placed the uplaod directory in the root with the same name "Upload" exectly like on the localhost. please help me..

Steve O 10-11-2008
I'd love to try this out in my projects, but I can't get it to work on our servers. Firefox just leaves a blank box, while IE pops up an error box saying: A Runtime Error has occurred Line: 453 Error: Sys.InvalidOperationException: InitializeError error #2104 in control 'Xaml1': 2104 An error has occurred. This is the first time I've tried to host anything Silverlight-y. Is there something obvious I'm missing? Thanks!

Steve O 10-11-2008
Actually, yes, I was. I hadn't configured MIME types for the server. You need to add XAML and XAP, and I also had to restart IIS before it worked.

mar1 17-11-2008
is there a way of having a folder upload button where you choose a folder name and then all the files within that folder are added. then you can check uncheck the files to upload.

Michiel 18-11-2008
@mar1, No that's not possible. A user has to manually select the files, this is due to the silverlight security model. A user can of course select all the files in a folder.

nuno 02-12-2008
I've like to include this control in my website, but I have two questions: 1- is there any way to localize it (example: button text) 2- how do I integrate it in a "normal" .net website? thank you.

Andy Ho 04-12-2008
Very good control. I think it better have the option to set the destination folder instead of the pre-defined "Upload".

Michiel 08-12-2008
@Andy, I fixed this, you can now set the upload directory in the Web.config file.

Greg 09-12-2008
Hi Michiel. Great control. I've found an issue though. When FileCollection Percentage hits 100 and AllFilesFinished event is raised, the file is still locked/temp_named. I came across it when trying to view an image on AllFilesFinished. I fixed it by moving the event call out of Percentage setter into item_PropertyChanged. if (file.State == Constants.FileStates.Finished) if(TotalUploadedFiles == this.Count) Fire AllFilesFinished event here.

Michiel 09-12-2008
@Greg, thanks for mentioning the issue! I fixed it in the latest checkin on CodePlex (Change Set 8629 http://www.codeplex.com/SLFileUpload/SourceControl/ListDownloadableCommits.aspx)

Andrew 21-12-2008
Has anyone been able to use this control through HTTPS/SSL? Even disabling SSL on the relevant folders isn't working.

Michiel 22-12-2008
See this post for SSL instructions: http://www.michielpost.nl/PostDetail_19.aspx

Lars Zeb 04-01-2009
Michiel, Thanks for your work on this project. I've learned a lot. I'm currently stuck on an "Upload failed" message after hitting the Upload button. Any ideas on what might be causing this? I don't believe it's permissions on the Upload folder - it's owned by Administrator with full control and I'm running with the ASP.NET Development Server. Thanks, Lars

Michiel 08-01-2009
@Lars, try debugging the WCF service and see what goes wrong inside the service.

gavina 09-01-2009
Excellent , thanks! Is it possible to have a range of file types in the FileFilter? i.e how would I get jpeg, png,tiff and gif to show?

Michiel 10-01-2009
gavina, to have a range of file types for the upload control, configure the filter string like this: JPEG|*.jpg|PNG|*.png|TIFF|*.tiff|GIF|*.gif

gavina 10-01-2009
filefilter now configured; perfect, thank you. Further question: I am using the httphandler; is there a way of instigating 'Upload failed' message other than by throwing an exception? For example, if the uploaded file fails further serverside validation, I throw a ArgumentNullException to trigger the message; it works but....

Michiel 12-01-2009
@gavina, for the HttpHandler the response isn't parsed, so you won't have any detailed error information. For the WCF upload service there is detailed exception information returned (since release 2.2.2 / last friday).

Simon 16-01-2009
This is a great solution however in my implementation the files that are set as 'pending' are not being uploaded. i.e. it uploads the first 2 (as set by _maxuploads) and then stops. Am I missing something (I'm guessing in the event handling) or should I try the latest code which I'm having difficulty downloading from codeplex at the moment ? Cheers.

Michiel 17-01-2009
@Simon, please download the latest release on codeplex. This was a bug a few versions back, but it should work now.

Matthew 12-02-2009
First of all this control is awesome, going to make my clients a lot happier. I'm having the "Upload Failed" message also. Works fine locally but when I publish it to a shared host then I get upload failed. I don't know how I can debug when its remote. Any idea's? I want to send my website but need to get this sorted first :( I've changed the permissions on the upload direct so I don't think that is the issue either.

Michiel 12-02-2009
@Matthew, are you using the WCF upload or the HttpHandler? The latest version of the WCF upload has much better error messages. It tells you what goes wrong. If you still get the Upload Failed message, it can probably not reach the WCF service.

Lee 12-02-2009
Hi, I have a small suggestion. I added the following property to my FileCollection.cs file: [ScriptableMember()] public string CustomParams { get { return _customParams; } set { _customParams = value; this.OnPropertyChanged(new PropertyChangedEventArgs("CustomParams")); } } Now i can easily change the custom parameters with javascript by doing: slCtl.Content.Files.CustomParams = "param=1"; Hope this helps.

Michiel 12-02-2009
@Lee, thanks for your suggestion. That's very useful. I have added it to the latest checkin on codeplex.

eumac 18-03-2009
Hi, Michiel What level of security is there with this control. Is there any encrytion on the uploading files, if not how can encryption be implemented with silverlight/.net here

Gabriel 19-03-2009
In the HttpFileUploader.cs class file, why is the ChunkSize = 4194304 and the buffer size 4096? 4194304 Bytes = 4 MB 4096 Bytes = 4 KB How does that work? How does the isLastChunk boolean value calculated?

Gabriel 19-03-2009
Ok, I read through the code again and it makes sense. The ChunkSize is the size of the webRequest sent to the server. Thanks,

Michiel 21-03-2009
@eumac, There's no encryption in the control. But you can use it over HTTPS / SSL. That would make it secure.

Norm 27-03-2009
Is there any way that the person uploading the files can create a directory, say with their last name, to upload the files to? I need multiple people to upload files to my server but don't want them overwriting other peoples files. Thanks

Justin 27-03-2009
How can I tell when all files have been processed? AllFilesFinished doesn't fire if one of the files causes an error. I would like to know when I'm finished processing regardless of status. Thanks. This is a great control.

Michiel 31-03-2009
@Justin, you're right. I'll change that in the next version so that AllFilesFinished always fires when everything is finished.

Daren 02-04-2009
Are their any "gotchas" regarding hosting the service or handler on a server farm?

Saeed Tabrizi 02-04-2009
I converted this project to wpf , but there is an problem that i cant solve it . when upload some of file , the upload thread , hanged (thread goes on wait,sleep or join state !!!!). when i remove '''NotifyPropertyChanged("BytesUploaded");''' every things working good !!!. I googled about this problem and found databinding on multithread exceptions too. as i know , when i remove databinding for progress bar and byteupload text block binding , every things working good !! is there any idea or converted version of this project to wpf ? thanks and regards .

Michiel 02-04-2009
@Daren, hosting this on a server farm probably has a few gotcha's. The control writes a chunk of data to disk, so when the next chunk arrives, it must be written to the same disk of the first chunk. Not some other disk on another server. I think it can be solved by letting the WCF service write to a central (network?) disk. So that each chunk, no matter on which server in the server farm it will arrive, will be written to the same disk.

roberta 13-04-2009
Hi, First of all 10x for this control. I am new to silverlight as well as asp. I have an asp.net mvc application and I need to add a multiple file upload with it. Could you please give me slight instructions on how I can procede. 10x

Saeed Tabrizi 16-04-2009
If WCF works Abnormally or Your Uploading progress stopped or crached , Host your WCF service in a Console Application or Windows Service . http://social.msdn.microsoft.com/Forums/en-US/wcf/thread/0364546e-d793-4a70-9b70-cf6bb463a2b8

Saeed Tabrizi 16-04-2009
If WCF works Abnormally or Your Uploading progress stopped or crached , Host your WCF service in a Console Application or Windows Service . http://social.msdn.microsoft.com/Forums/en-US/wcf/thread/0364546e-d793-4a70-9b70-cf6bb463a2b8

steve 20-04-2009
I can't seem to upload images past the 4mg default. I changed web.config but that didn't seem to work. Is there something I need to change in the handler?

Daniel 16-05-2009
Hi, I cannot let this uploader work. In both IE and FF explorer there is only a blank area. I'm trying to put it in a ASP.NET MVC application. I tried to create a small silverlight control and included it in my projet and I can see it on the page. The paths are the same and everything works fine, but the uploader still doesn't appear. Anybody can help me? Daniel

Daniel 19-05-2009
Hi, I want to use this control in an ASP.NET MVC project. What do I have to do to add a custom WCF? I've added a new WCF Service item in my project, implemented the 2 methods of the service, updated the web.config file and added the FileUploadservice dll. But I still get an "Upload failed" message. Am I missign something? Will the service compile with my project or do I have to create my customized WCF in and other project and add a reference to it in my MVC project. I followed the steps from the ASP.NET Family Video 5 Tip, but couldn't make it work yet. Daniel

Gareth Burgess 09-06-2009
I am having the same issue as Daniel had in that the control is not displaying on my page. This must be a version or reference issue. Any help would be greatly appreciated as this is a great control.

Adrien 18-06-2009
Thanks for this tutorial, it's very usefull ! But i'have an issue when i tried to access to my uploaded files with my Internet browser, i got an 403 forbidden error... I tried to modify the web.config but without results... If someone has the same problem tell me.. Thanks

justpepel 27-06-2009
About "Upload failed" message after publishing web site to hosting. I'v solved it. My hosting mochahost.com din't allow using wcf by default. But wcf is used with silverlight in this MultiFileUploader. So I'v found on my hosting forum http://www.mochasupport.com/kayako/index.php?_m=knowledgebase&_a=viewarticle&kbarticleid=491&nav=0,61 such a message: To enable *.svc support you need to add the following lines in the <handlers> section in your web.config <add name="svc-ISAPI-2.0" path="*.svc" verb="*" modules="IsapiModule" scriptProcessor="%SystemRoot%\Microsoft.NET\Framework\v2.0.50727\aspnet_isapi.dll" resourceType="Unspecified" preCondition="classicMode,runtimeVersionv2.0,bitness32" /> <add name="svc-Integrated" path="*.svc" verb="*" type="System.ServiceModel.Activation.HttpHandler, System.ServiceModel, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=b77a5c561934e089" resourceType="Unspecified" preCondition="integratedMode" /> After adding these rows of code to web.config it started working!!! So does on other web hostings, I think. Ask your hosting support how to enable wcf on your hosting

Albertos 30-06-2009
Hello! thanks for this great control ! But I want to include it inside another control of mine. How can I do it ? Thanks a lot helping mle !!

kscsm 09-07-2009
When will you release a SL3 compatible version of the multiple file uploader? Do you plan to integrate a picture preview feature if uploading pictures?

Michiel Post 28-07-2009
The Silverlight 3 compatible version is released.

Pete 31-07-2009
I tried adding an Image Resizer function at HttpUploadHandler like below but it does not consistently resizing all files uploaded. Am I missing something? Thanks! protected virtual void FinishedFileUpload(string fileName, string parameters) { ResizeUploadedFile(fileName); }

ravikumar 21-08-2009
hi thanks michiel for this application.I want your help regarding "upload files to diffetent folder" for this i need to pass value to HttpUploader.ashx how can i pass a value to this one

ravikumar 21-08-2009
Thanks Michiel i got it using " slCtl.Content.Files.CustomParams = ""; " we can pass values to httpuploadhandler.ashx

wyanshan 22-08-2009
This is a very powerful control! I like it! How can I execute my code after uploading. For example , I will store file names information in database for every file. And another question, How can I define different folder for example by selecting a destination folder in a dropdownlist and pass the folder name to your control.

wyanshan 23-08-2009
Hi Michael. I would pass a value to ashx.The problem is the javascript function function pluginLoaded(sender) is only loaded when the page is loaded. After the page and your control is loaded, if a user selected a value from a non-autopostback(for better user experience), the selected value can't be obtained, which means a value can't be passed to ashx dynamically.... If the dropdownlist is set autopostback with true, there is no problem since a postback surely triggers the page reloaded, and function function pluginLoaded(sender) can be executed. But the problem is better user experience is bad, and when a postback triggers the file list of the silverlight control disappears. I try to move to do this: 1.Register slCtl.Content.Files.StartUpload = StartUpload in function pluginloaded. 2.Move the code slCtl.Content.Files.CustomParams = document.getElementById("DropDownList1").value; from pluginloaded to function StartUpload Still file upload failed...why! And another things I can not understand: Is the code "slCtl.Content.Files.CustomParams" in PluginLoaded function same as the property "CustomParam=yourparameters" in the silverlight control's property "InitParameters="HttpUploader=true,MaxFileSizeKB=,MaxUploads=2,FileFilter=,CustomParam=yourparameters,DefaultColor=White". If that is why one is "CustomParams" and another is "CustomParam"? This "s" difference is a bug?

Steve 29-09-2009
@Fallon Massey, don't be such an ass.

Oscar 05-11-2009
I wisth to know if it support globalization, i need the buttons in another language... thanks

Jeff 18-11-2009
Quite impressive. Looks like the plagerism is in full swing on other sites from overseas. Glad I found the real project and code. Figures.

Alexander 19-11-2009
Dear Michiel, I've noticed that several people asked about custom upload directories, although without any replies. Is it possible to create a new endpoint directory with each new upload? Thank you, Alexander

WPKF 20-11-2009
How to create the SL object using Siliver.createObject() and specify the MaxFileSizeKB parameter?

Michiel 29-11-2009
@Alexander, it is possible to create a new directory for each upload/user. One option is to use the customparam, set it to something random on the clientside and use it in the httphandler to create a directory with that name. Another option is to create a directory based on the IP address of the user. You will need to add some code to the HttpHandler for that.

Brad 24-01-2010
Michiel, great stuff. I would like to use this in another Silverlight application. I am still new to Silverlight. Is there an easy way (or at least relatively easy way) to put this into my app? I am developing under v3.0 for now. Thanks, Brad

Brad 29-01-2010
I got this control integrated into WCF RIA services. It works famously on my development machine (using cassini). I put it into production, and once I fixed all of the WCF RIA Services and database issues, I am now having issues with the uploading of files. Basically, I can put multiple files or one file in the list, click the upload button. The progress bar on the top file gets to about 50% and then hangs. It is not connectivity (I checked it multiple times, and it is consistently breaking). The file does not upload to the directory, not even a 0Kb file. I have the directory security set up to allow full access to NETWORK SERVICE and ASPNET users. Is there another user I need to have in there? What else am I missing? Thanks in advance.

Brad 29-01-2010
Ok, it was because I didn't have a sub-directory that I had added in there. My bad :) I can fix that!

Jamie Jones 06-02-2010
Thanks for the app, it is great. I have made a small change so that the SingleFileUploadFinished event handler has the file name and size so that the javascript can be informed of which file has completed and its sixe. I am unable to check out the codeplex repository to create a patch. I have emailed you my changes if you wish to roll them in to your source.

Mo 08-02-2010
A bit new to this, nut managed to get it working and uploads are completing. However, stuck with two problems - Can't get uploads over 4MB to work. I have changed the web.config file to increase the maxAllowedContentLength but still not working. The other is that the progress bar goes straight to 100% as soon as I click Upload even though the uploads haven't finished. It just sits there for as long as it takes to upload before the status changes to 'Finished'. Any ideas?

teo 25-02-2010
I'm using HttpUploadHandler, and j've changed the maxAllowedContentLength to 10Mb in web.config and maximumFileSize in control, so the control stop upload while arrive at 4Mb.

reven 29-04-2010
theres a way to set the backgroud color, but is there a way to set the foreground color? the bottom text "Files: {0}" and "{Size} KB" is difficult to read when the background is set to a dark color. Cheers

IvanR 01-06-2010
Hi Michiel. Your control is what i've been looking for. Great work and thans for sharing. I have a question and i hope you can help me. I download the latest version and try the uploader successfully from within VStudio2010 and everything works fine but as soon as i try to use in a real site (http://ds1157.activeserve.com/SilverlightMultiFileUploader/) or outside VS (htt://localhost/SilverlightMultiFileUploader/Default.aspx) I get an "Upload failed" for every file i try to upload. Do you have any idea what i am missing here. I appreciate any help on this issue.

vijayasaharan 11-06-2010
hi Michiel: Is this file happening in Client Side or in Server as I map a storage drive and move the file to the storage, so i do not want to want round trip of the file chunks moved to server and then to storage. Thanks

vijayasaharan 11-06-2010
Sorry I meant Is this File Movement

Rabbick 13-06-2010
Hi Michael, Great control - top stuff! I have been trying out your control in SharePoint 2007. I kept getting an error in the Silverlight: silverlight initialize error 2104 After moving the xap from the controltemplates to the _layouts folder in the 12 hive, changed the xap reference in the ascx and redeploying the webpart works without error. Thought I'd post the above in case others have the same issue. Cheers Rabbick

Josh 01-07-2010
Hi Michiel, thanks for the great control. In the current release of Firefox (3.6.6), the control I have loaded does not load. The demo above does not load either. Are there any fixes? Thanks again.

Andrew 01-07-2010
I'm also having trouble in Firefox (3.6.4). JS Error console gives: "Silverlight 4 Application Exception: 2531 An error has occurred. [Line 19 Position 76] at Sys...Wind..App.LoadComponent. In IE, this control is super cool!! Very nice work!!!

Josh 01-07-2010
Michiel, The post before about Firefox (3.6.6) not loading is a configuration setting with Firefox that must be changed, the fix for that issue is here: http://betaforums.silverlight.net/forums/p/188959/435029.aspx

Rabbick 27-07-2010
I couldn't find documentation on hooking up the javascript events, so thought I'd share my findings. Had the following javascript to the control. Basically, get a reference to the silverlight object, then register the events. great control! // value of the object elements param=onload // defined in the ascx function pluginLoaded(sender, eventArgs) { //Getting Silverlight object on page var silverlightControlHost = document.getElementById("MultiFileUploader"); //Subscribe to it events silverlightControlHost.Content.Files.AllFilesFinished = allFilesFinished; silverlightControlHost.Content.Files.SingleFileUploadFinished = singleFileUploadFinished; } function singleFileUploadFinished(sender, args) { alert('A single file has been uploaded.'); } function allFilesFinished(sender, args) { alert('Your upload has completed.'); }

Kelsey Thornton 16-08-2010
Hi. Would very much like to integrate this into my website, but I'm at a loss on how to do it. Is there an "idiots guide" anywhere describing how to do this?

Ayman Mabrouk 18-08-2010
please help when i use this webpart in sharepoint with "form authentication" it gives upload failed and works well in windows authentication

Josh King 27-08-2010
Very cool upload control! I'm getting an error when I run the downloaded project: The type 'ByteConverter' was not found Any suggestions? I see that class in the core dll. Not sure why it can't see it.

Allen 14-09-2010
Anyone knows how I can disable the "Select Files", "Upload", "Clear List" buttons in the uploading process? And re-enable them back after completion? Many thanks in advance.

Josh 14-09-2010
Michiel, I just finished implementing this and am stunned at how well put together and easy to implement this is. You, sir, are a golden god.

Usman Ahmad 16-09-2010
Please tell me how to implement it? there is not such information there to implement it

Albert 01-10-2010
I think the way you did the detached progress bar for single file upload is perfect. I advise you to make the same for an image browser so it will borrows any picture you upload. Thanks

Albert 01-10-2010
I think the way you did the detached progress bar for single file upload is perfect. I advise you to make the same for an image browser so it will borrows any picture you upload. Thanks

Christine 18-10-2010
Could thid also used in post image to facebook?

Markus 20-10-2010
Hello there, very good work thx, will donate for you. But i have one question. I use it with the PHP Upload. Is there a way wo react on errors serverside? Like if the PHPUpload.php printing 'ERROR' or something?

Igal 25-10-2010
Hi there, love your work! Thanks very much for the control, looks very good. Question: is it possible to replace the HttpHandler with MVC controller? Many thanks!

JohnM 27-10-2010
Great project! I was able to modify it as needed and integrate it with my current web project. In addition I was able to make it hit a web service to update a table in the DB as well. Good job again!!!

lambi_uk 29-10-2010
I love you :) Honestly man, this control is awesome and the code is top. Fantastic job and very useful component. Just so you know, I've tweaked your webpart code to put it in a modal popup (AjaxControlToolkit) and now I can upload multiple docs to SharePoint and set properties for them on the fly... beautiful... Thanks again.

Cosmin 01-11-2010
Hi Michiel, I'm using the latest version on codeplex within an ASP.NET 4.0 web application, latest version of Silverlight too and it's working fine except Opera browser. I'm having the same problem like other people here, with uploading only 4 MB maximum file size. Can you please suggest a workaround for this problem? I'd really appreciate it. Thanks, Cosmin

Alex 25-02-2011
Hi. I'm testing out the multiuploader and when I upload the files, the file items in the file list get a massive red border. Why is this?

Brad 03-03-2011
I have not done programming for over a year now, and I am super rusty. Can you please tell me what I have to do to integrate this into my Silverlight 4 project? I downloaded the latests ZIP file, and there are a TON of folders in there, and no documentation on how to do anything. I just need to plug this control in and make it work, then continue on with the rest of this short and hope to be the last project.

Marc Roussel 17-03-2011
The handle to the files are kept as if you upload the file, even if you clear the list, I'm unable to delete my file until I kill the TAB or close IE

jimmy 12-04-2011
Hi,Code source shareditems (mpost.SilverlightFramework.dll) is available in my code?? Thank you!

Mike 27-07-2011
I'm an amature web designer and came across your uploader. How do I go about adding this to my existing web site

Brent 26-08-2011
Hi Michiel I have used this control in a mvc project. It works perfectly. However is it possible to pass more detailed error messages, the reason for the failed upload? Thanks

Steen 05-11-2011
Hi, great control - I use it to upload video files but cannot get MaxFileSizeKb above 2097151. Is it possible to upload files larger than 2 GB?

Michiel 09-11-2011
@Steen, if you leave the MaxFileSizeKb empty, there's no limit.

ace 18-11-2011
hi all, could anyone describe how to integrate it with sharepoint 2010 pls? and what should i do with sharepoint projects (in source code)? they are for vs2008, how to adapt it for vs2010? i converted them, can build.. but what next?..

Ray 21-11-2011
Does this control support file chunking in IE8? Can you tell me how to do it?

Max 23-11-2011
Hi Michiel,I have used this control in a test project.It works good,but ,how can I change the CustomerParams ,I tried,but I loss,so,can you tell me how to do that?

James 07-12-2011
Hi Michiel, wonderful uploader, exactly what I was looking for. Was just wondering how I would send the file names and sizes to a mysql DB. Thanks for all your hard work.

SK 04-02-2012
Hi all, I am new to Silverlight and this is an excellent control. I want to use the Custom params. Can anyone please tell me, how I can access the passed custom parameter in the Http Handler? Also, I was wondering if I can pass multiple custom parameters from the control to the Http handler. If yes, how so? Any help will be greatly appreciated.

TianJun 10-02-2012
memory leak. I have try the Silverlight Multi File Uploader v5.0, and test to upload a file with size of 1G bytes, the memory of my windows XP is degreased, and nerver be freed.

jyothsna 23-02-2012
I'm running into outofmemory exception from the handler webresponse. When i try to debug the code its not hitting the handler at all.This scenario is for larger files.Can you provide me the solution

ashok srivastav 20-03-2012
Is there any way to get the uploaded file names from javascript

vikranth 21-03-2012
this control is nice.how can i call event handler in my button click with the query string parameters like file name and document library

Els 27-03-2012
I have a question about customParams. I want to use them to pass the folder where the files must be stored, in the object tag I set them but I cannot find where they are used in the handler or how I must use them in the handler... Is there anyone that can help me

Els 27-03-2012
i found the solution to my previous question, but now I have the next, how can i send the filename to mySql databank

Steen 01-05-2012
Great control. I try to upload large videofiles above 2 GB, but I cannot select these files to the uploader. MaxFileSizeKb has no effect while trying to select the file. How can I control the MaximumFileSizeReached?

Ron Jeremy 20-05-2012
The source code is not fully given. How can I trust this? This may download junk on to my computer or even worse provide viruses.

Sabarinath 24-05-2012
Could you please tell me the requirements for building the latest source code?

santosh 26-05-2012
I'm unable to access the customparam value (or any parameter value) from the ashx file. can you please help?

Mayank Pathak 07-06-2012
Awesome Control Man...used it in my application.. its just good.. Highly appreciated. Thanks man thanks a lot.. :)

Jim Harris 25-07-2012
Excellent control now that I have some things figured out. To pass parameters; look at html object | initParams, find CustomParms= . this value is a string and is passed to ashx, in sub "FinishedFileUpload". add your own finishing cleanup routine.

Pramod 02-09-2012
First of all, this is really excellent and thanks in adv, But I have very little knowledge of .net, i am more into web development (HTML, css, js), can you please tell me how to use this in my website..and apart from silver-light is there any other dependency to make it work in a HTML webpage?

piece 25-10-2012
how do we use it? most of us just need a multi upload feature and dont care that silverlight exists. could really use some basic instructions. (not that i'm not grateful for you sharing this and the worst fucking day i've had in a while trying to use it)

anelith 20-12-2012
It's work perfectly except on firefox! I can't even see it on firefox and there isn't even the withe box that give me the silverlight inforamtion if I right click on it! Can anybody help me? I add the meme xap ecc. it works on chrome and explorer! but on firefox it's like if there's no silverlight object at all!

Nate 21-12-2012
Thanks so much... I'm testing out massive uploads (5G+) and so far it's working great. One nice feature to add would be that ChunkSize auto-adjust to the latency/bandwidth. We have people uploading from the Internet as well as our internal network. Internal people can upload in much larger chunks b/c they have a faster connection.

Robin, Lu 09-01-2013
can it be used in Asp.net MVC 4

CB 28-01-2013
Hello, This looks very useful, thanks for publishing. However, when I try to run mpost.SilverlightMultiFileUpload, I get a System.NotSupportedException. Message=The URI prefix is not recognized. It occurs on this line: HttpWebRequest webRequest = (HttpWebRequest)WebRequest.Create(httpHandlerUrlBuilder.Uri); Any advice on how to get past this would be appreciated...

Bill 22-03-2013
I've installed it and have been working it into one of the websites I'm building and am very impressed with the customization features of the basic system. To take it to the next level, however, more documentation is needed to explain the use of the custom parameters feature. Specifically, you include "slCtl.Content.Files.CustomParams = "custom_id=1";" in the js code to use the custom paramaters and " /// <summary> /// Do your own stuff here when the file is finished uploading /// </summary> /// <param name="fileName"></param> /// <param name="parameters"></param> protected virtual void FinishedFileUpload(string fileName, string parameters) { }" in the .ashx file. Any further information on the use of these two would be appreciated.

Ben 07-04-2013
Hi, When I run the app by "Start without debugging" it runs great, after copying files (bin) to other machine, and running the application, it loads but does not upload files (there is writting permissions). How should I deploy the project to another computer? Thanks

Ben 07-04-2013
Hi, When I run the app by "Start without debugging" it runs great, after copying files (bin) to other machine, and running the application, it loads but does not upload files (there is writting permissions). How should I deploy the project to another computer? Thanks!

Jan 16-04-2013
Hi, first of this is very helpful and works great, with that said I'm running into a problem in the chrome browser where when I upload a file larger than 1mb the file is not being uploaded, it works fine in both FF and IE. Has anyone else had this issue and if so how do you fix it?

zeeshan 29-04-2013
I am new in silverlight. I just want to know that this upload raises error event when server side exception occured.(file already exists lets say). is there any way that i can show exception behaviour at front end while handling exception in a catch block(server side) at the same time ?

divaker shukla 03-05-2013
Sir i select a file to upload , I add a text box in form using UpdateFileList (java script ) function. How i will get its value in backend when in inter some text in it and click on upload button. Assume name and id if this text box is "note" . Please reply.

tiac 16-08-2013
I am new in silverlight. Is it possible to add metadata during the upload? Hope somebody can help me. Thanks in advance

padmalochan 18-09-2013
The Uploaded Pdf files are corrupt when using SSL in Internet explorer.

United Kingdom 19-03-2014
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James 26-03-2014
Hi Michiel, This is a bit of a long shot, but after 3 years of using this uploader, it has suddenly stopped working. Do you know if there has been any problems/changes to it?

Geo 11-08-2015
Hi Michiel, Thanks for this. But my problem was, if I'm going to upload a file with a "&" filename (eq. j&jsample.xls" the file unable to upload. Any feedback? Thanks, Jumar

Geo 11-08-2015
Hi Michiel, Thanks for this. But my problem was, if I'm going to upload a file with a "&" filename (eq. j&jsample.xls" the file unable to upload. Any feedback? Thanks, Jumar

hellosky 06-01-2017

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