PHP and Silverlight Multi File Uploader


The new release of the Silverlight Multi File Uploader includes a PHP version.

You're now able to host the Multi File Uploader on a PHP server (for example Apache). Silverlight doesn't requiere .Net on the server. It uses a small .Net Framework on the client.

But the files need to be processed on the server. Until now the project included only a .Net implementation to receive the files. In the new release, there's also a PHP implementation available.

Configure the Silverlight Multi File Uploader to use the HttpUploader and specify the name of the PHP script.

<param name="initParams" value="HttpUploader=true,UploadHandlerName=PHPUpload.php,DefaultColor=Green" />

See the included PHP testpage (PHP_SilverlightMultiFileUploadTestPage.html) for example usage.

Download the Silverlight Multi File Uploader at CodePlex

You can see the control in action here.


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