JavaScript Multi File Uploader


The Silverlight Multi File Uploader is now fully functional with ONLY JavaScript. You can hide the Silverlight control and use JavaScript to interact and get data from the Silverlight Multi File Uploader.

When to use this function?

  • If you want full control over the way users are uploading files on your site or if you need a complete and custom integration with your current website.
  • You can use all the functions of the Silverlight Multi File Uploader using simple JavaScript commands.

For example, you can create custom validation to only allow the upload of maximum 3 files, or a minimum of 2 files, automatically start uploading if a user submits a form or do a redirect when the uploads are finished.

An example is provided in the download on CodePlex. This is just a basic example to show all the functions. You are able to customize it to your own look and feel.

Note: the Silverlight Multi File Uploader has to be present on the page to use the JavaScript functions. However, you can hide the Silverlight control so you're users are unaware of it.

Download the Silverlight Multi File Uploader at CodePlex

You can see the control in action here.


Kingcean 01-11-2009
Excuse me, how can I get the addresses(eg. http://example.com/upload/file_xxx.zip) after the files have uploaded?

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