Silverlight Multi File Uploader version 3


This is the release of version 3.0 of the Silverlight Multi File Uploader. This release is build for Silverlight 3 which was released on the 9th of July 2009.

What's new in this release?
- Improved layout and design
- HttpUploadHandler is the new default (instead of slower WCF service)
- Small bugfixes

The Silverlight Multi File Uploader is stable and ready for production environments.

Download the Silverlight Multi File Uploader at CodePlex

You can see the control in action here.


Alexander 07-11-2009
Hi Michael, We spoke before, I am a designer on a mission to learn .net and Silverlight. I'd like to thank you again for this awesome program! Is there any way I could take a look at the code inside mpost.SilverlightFramework.dll? Thank you, Alexander

Riz Khan 08-01-2010
Hey Micheal, Ur Stuff is really Awesome, I had a problem with zip files using conventional ashx handlers, the zip files get corrupted after downloads. The nice thing is that ur Service and Handler both are stable with the zip files, Saved me a lot of time Buddy. I would like to ask u something, How can I increase the size of the chunks when using the WCF, When ever I tried to increase the ChunkSize in WcfFileUploader.cs, Not Found Error Uccors at the Service side. lookind forward for your prompt reply. regards, Muhammad Rizwan Jr. Software Engineer

Brasil 12-01-2010
For a large numbers of files (500 files with 500Kb per file) is recomended to use WCF of HttpHandler?

Michiel 12-01-2010
HttpHandler is always recommended and also the default.

zck 26-01-2010
Excuse me. I want to resize images before upload with silverlight, but it seems that Silverlight 3 does not support it.who can tell me how can I do? Thanks

Mo 08-02-2010
Is there any documentation with this? It looks like a great control, but without a set of simple instructions I find it too confusing to implement. As you can I guess I am new to this

duan.schnyder 18-04-2010
muvi thai mok thai

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