Silverlight Multi File Uploader version 4


With the release of Silverlight 4, there's also a new release of the Silverlight Multi File Uploader.

New in this release:

  • Support for Silverlight 4 and Visual Studio 2010
  • Drag and drop files on the control
  • LITE version for full JavaScript integration on existing websites
  • Removed WCF service. HttpHandler is the default upload mechanism

Download this release on CodePlex.

More information about the Silverlight Multi File Uploader

The Silverlight Multi File Uploader  is a free Silverlight 4 application. It can be used to upload multiple files simultaneously to your website.


Bala 10-06-2010
Drag and drop does not work in MAC Safari/ Firefox. Is there a work around for this.

jeffrey 26-08-2010
very good

Josh King 27-08-2010
Getting this when running the downloaded project: The type 'ByteConverter' was not found.

Mohit 03-06-2011
Hi Michiel, I tried this with VS2010 .net framework 4.0. But it say that it is for 3.5. What changes I need to make to run this application.

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