Silverlight Multi File Uploader v5 released


With the release of the Silverlight 5 framework, I also upgraded the Silverlight Multi File Uploader to version 5. There's no new functionality in this release of the Multi File Uploader, it's the same as v4.3

You can download this release on CodePlex:

Or use one of the NuGet packages:
http://www.nuget.org/List/Packages/mpost.slmfu.examples (examples included)

The Silverlight Multi File Uploader is a free and open source Silverlight 5 application. It can be used to upload multiple files simultaneously to your website. It also includes a JavaScript interface and supports PHP.

More info and documentation can be found here.


Aleksey 25-01-2012
This is totally cool. One problem with the progress bar control though. When running your test project if you open a second window of a browser targeting the same page, then the progress bar is not displayed in that second window. Even if you start uploading file in the second window, the progress is being displayed in the first one. It looks like there can be only one instance of the progress bar globally, even among different browsers, like IE, Firefox, Chrome. Is there something wrong with Silverlight or with the control code?

yanglizhi 12-10-2012
think you

Jason McPeak 10-04-2013
Hey great control - nice work. Would you be willing to share the code behind ClientBin/mpost.SilverlightMultiFileUpload.xap? I would like to make minor tweaks to it. Again - great control and thanks! Jason

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